The Basics

Certain types of electrical equipment are very sensitive to fluctuations in the power supply that provides them with energy. For example, a phase imbalance of a couple of percent can overheat electrical motors and other devices, potentially destroying very expensive equipment. Changes in current, temperature and other variables can result in the complete loss of a piece of machinery and, along with it, the entire investment that the company made in the machinery. This is why it’s vital to make sure that devices have some level of protection that is automatic, reliable and precise.

Basics Monitoring Relay

Basics Monitoring Relay

Relays are used to protect against the following variances in the electrical supply:

  • Current fluctuations
  • Phase variances and reversals
  • Heat fluctuations
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Frequency fluctuations

Modern power supply systems are very reliable but there are still plenty of instances where a variance is introduced into the system that is potentially damaging to machinery. This makes relays necessary equipment for most precision machinery. Aside from the hazards presented by the electrical supply provided to the machine, the machine itself can present a hazard if it has a malfunction and the load suddenly increases or decreases or other problems manifest. Relays protect the machine and the circuit from both sides and help to prevent the loss of valuable equipment.